Road Safety

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Road Safety

Road Safety is a major area of discussion when it comes to motorcycling. Safety is arguably the largest barrier to promoting motorcycling and potential source for the kind of regulation and restriction from which MAG seeks to protect riders.

Motorcyclists are categorised as a vulnerable road user (VRU) group

MAG position

MAG is not a road safety organisation.

At MAG we work to ensure that safety initiatives, however well-intentioned, do not unnecessarily restrict our freedoms and rights.

Equally, we campaign to ensure that equal priority is given to the safety of motorcyclists as is given to other groups in the VRU category (pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians)

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MAG Road Safety Publications

Safety in Numbers [4]

This report explores the evidence for the safety in numbers concept specifically related to motorcycles.

Geographical trends in VRU KSI statistics [5]

This report explores the performance in KSI statistics at regional and local authority level between 2015 and 2019.