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MAG methods of communication


Whilst not an actual communication method Dropbox is, nonetheless, an important tool. It is the best way to share large files (e.g. documents/posters/presentations) with the Board, National Committee and other Officers of MAG.

Access to Dropbox is administered by the Chair. Anyone can 'share' a link with another individual.

Important note: Care should be taken when working with Dropbox as it is all too easy to accidently delet items!


Instant communication, subject to admin availability. Posts can also be scheduled.

MAG events/fundraisers will be posted, and other content may be posted, depending on relevance. If in any doubt, send the item anyway so that it can be moderated.

Send in any event posters, as these will be put in a month-related album. All posts will be via admins, who will pick up messages and either respond to them or pass them to the relevant Regional Rep or forward to the NC, as applicable.

Regions are encouraged to share national posts in addition to their own region-relevant posts.

Central Office does not currently have access to Facebook, but this is to be addressed, as staff may need to be able to view the page should they receive any calls regarding posts.

Current Admins: Selina Lavender, Andrew Carrott, Tracy Smith, Colin Brown, David Wigham and Central Office (as Maggie Mutch). Likes 22,929

MAG also operates a Twitter account @MAGUKCentral and an Instagram account mag.central is currently a work-in-progress.

NC List

The National Committee (NC) has its own, closed, email list, which is used for communications between NC meetings.

The NC list consists of: Regional Reps, Directors of TMAGL, Chair, Vice Chair, Campaigns Team, National Clubs Officer, National Reps Liaison Officer, and Network Officer. The President of the organisation is also included on the NC list as a matter of courtesy.

All members on the list can post to the list, and access (i.e., additions/removals due to changes in personnel) is administered by the Chair. Central Office can post to the list, but do not have sight of email traffic (unless specifically copied in).

There is an expectation that matters discussed are to be treated as confidential, and emails should not be forwarded beyond the NC list without permission.

It is accepted that discussions will include, on occasion, robust debate, but offensive or aggressive language is not acceptable.


Monthly activist newsletter that includes articles and published PRs. Useful for Reps at meetings and those interested in campaign work.

Copy deadline is 25th of month prior to publication, unless advised otherwise, and should be emailed to the Network Editor at

The Big List

This list is an amalgamation of all the email addresses held in every email list: i.e., Activists, Network, Groups, Regions, etc. Note that you can also send to just one list or selected lists.

Posts are requested, scheduled and actioned via Central Office.


Published bi-monthly in even months.

Copy deadline is 10th of month preceding publication and should be emailed to the Editor at


Information regarding events can be uploaded at and event flyers can be sent to for inclusion on the website. To add news items, or to flag up any errors spotted, please advise the website team at


MAG’s Wiki is for the use of Motorcycle Action Group members only. It is located at [[1]] and will store documents of rich text format.

If it is a document requiring regular access to it, it can live here. If a document needs to be edited, the base document can be amended, and it will continue to live in the same place. This avoids confusion regarding whether it is the latest version. There is no need to request that it is emailed to you; simply visit the site and copy the required text.

Anyone can read the content of the Wiki, but only authorised MAG personnel may log into the site to create or edit pages. To become a MAG Wiki Editor, send an email to, remembering to include your membership number.

Current personnel (June 2021)

Central Office: Julie and Carol

Campaigns: Colin and Lembit

Network Editor: Anne Gale

National Reps Liaison Officer: vacant

National Clubs Liaison Officer: vacant

President: Ian Mutch

The ROAD Editor: Ian Mutch

Website: Mark Young, Colin and Julie