Transport for London - "Attitudes to the Trial of Motorcycles in Bus Lanes" 2008

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TfL Research into Attitudes to PTWs in Bus Lanes

Attitudes to the Trial of Motorcycles in Bus Lanes (2008) [1]


Customer survey research into attitudes towards trials of motorcycle access to bus lanes. The overall conclusions were that: “The trial has been well received by P2W riders, with 93% supporting motorcycles use of red route bus lanes. Almost half of P2W riders say they have increased their P2W use (even more on use of red routes) and 72% say they feel safer travelling on red routes as a result of the trial. Overall, just over half of Londoners support the idea of motorcyclists using red route bus lanes (54% support it compared with 18% oppose). There is a minority of other road users who have a negative response to the use of bus lanes by motorcycles. However, nine in ten motorcyclists and over half of users of buses, bicycles and cars/vans say they support motorcycles using bus lanes.”


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