TAL 2/07 “The Use of Bus Lanes by Motorcycles”

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1997 TfL Guidance

The Use of Bus Lanes by Motorcycles [1]


This reversed previous advice in LTN 1/97 against the practice and now recommends that local authorities actively consider allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes.

The leaflet encourages authorities to consider the following points: • The safety implications involved in restricting motorcyclists to general traffic lanes, against the possible problems of allowing motorcyclists into the bus lane;

• The effect on other vulnerable road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists;

• The possible impact on bus journey time reliability due to additional traffic in the bus lane;

• The reduction in congestion for other traffic on routes currently used by motorcyclists;

• The potential for modal shift if motorcycling is seen as a more convenient means of transport;

• The potential for overall improvements in transport efficiency;

• Local publicity to help advise road users of a policy change; and

• Continuity of bus lane routes which admit motorcycles.


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