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File:SB---Security-Night.png|6th April 2018 Security Night  
File:SB---Security-Night.png|6th April 2018 Security Night  
File:Marshals_wanted_(1).jpg|Marshal Wanted
File:Marshals_wanted_(1).jpg|Marshal Wanted
== 2017 ==
File:Barnstaple_Bike_Nights_2017.jpg|13 th April 2017 Barnstaple Bike Nights
File:MHR2017.png|14th-16th April 2017 MAG Hatters Rally
File:28_-_30th_April_2017_Into_the_Valley.png|28 - 30th April 2017 Into The Valley Rally
File: 29th_April_The_Dirty_Donkey.jpg|29th April 2017 Dirty Donkey
File:SalisburyShow2017.jpg|30th April 2017 Salisbury Spring Surprise Bike Show
File:Barnstaple_Bike_Nights_2017.jpg|11th May 2017 Barnstaple Bike Nights
File:2_-_4th_June_2017_Summertme_Rally_Southampton.jpg|2 - 4th June 2017 Summertime Rally Southampton
File:Barnstaple_Bike_Nights_2017.jpg|8th June 2017 Barnstaple Bike Nights
File:16_-_18th_June_2017_Farmyard_Party.png|16 - 18th June 2017 Farmyard Party
File:BlackpoolMAGRally2017.pdf|23rd - 25th June 2017 Blackpool MAG Rally
File:Brum_Demo_2017.png|1st July 2017 Brum Demo
File:BlackpoolBikeShow2017.pdf|2nd July 2017 Blackpool MAG Bike Show
File:WinchMAGshow2017.png|8th July 2017 Winchester MAG Bike Show
File:7_-_9th_July_2017_Chinnor_Bike_Dayz.jpg|7 - 9th July 2017 Chinnor Bike Dayz Rally
File:Barnstaple_Bike_Nights_2017.jpg|13th July 2017 Barnstaple Bike Nights
File:28_-_30th_July_2017_MAGFEST_II.jpg|28 - 30th July 2017 MAGFEST II
File:4_-_6th_August_2017_Yorkshire_Pudding.png|4 - 6th August 2017 Yorkshire Pudding Rally
File:Barnstaple_Bike_Nights_2017.jpg|10th August 2017 Barnstaple Bike Nights
File:Barnstaple_Bike_Nights_2017.jpg|14th September 2017 Barnstaple Bike Nights
File:Pompeyshow2017.jpg|17th September 2017 Portsmouth MAG Annual Bike, Trike and Scooter Show

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