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== 2016 ==

File:3_April_Mad_Cow_Easter_Egg_Run.jpg|2016-04-03 April Mad Cow Easter Egg Run
File:SotonBikeShow2019.jpg|Southampton MAG Annual Bike Show
File:17th_April_Salisbury_Bike_Show.jpg|2016-04-17 Salisbury Bike Show
File:SE-MAGFest4.jpg|MAGFEST 4 Down South Rally
File:North_Kent_MAG_Rocknite_6th_May.jpg|2016-05-06 North Kent MAG Rocknite
File:Portsmouth2019.jpg|Portsmouth Bike Trike and Scooter Show
File:Brecon_Beacons_MAG_15th_May.jpg|2016-05-15 Brecon Beacons MAG
File:2016-05-27_Tone_Vale_Tea.jpg|2016-05-27 Tone Vale Tea Rally
File:3_-_5_June_Southampton_MAG.jpg|2016-06-03 Southampton MAG
File:29_-_31st_July_MAG_Southeast_Summer_Festival.jpg|2016-07-29 MAG Southeast Summer Festival

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