National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory

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UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory

The NAEI compiles estimates of emissions to the atmosphere from UK sources such as cars, trucks, power stations and industrial plant. [1]

The site contains the raw data for emissions in a downloadable excel pivot table: [2]


The pivot table allows filtering by type of pollutant, source , and year. Thus filtering for NO2 from Road transport (NFR codes 1A3bi (cars), 1A3bii (LGV), 1A3biii (HGV & bus), and 1A3biv (mopeds and motorcycles) will enable calculation of relative contribution to overall emissions.

As an example: NO2 for 2015 shows:

• Cars : 146.81 kilotonnes (47.4 %)

• LGV : 91.724 kilotonnes (29.6 %)

• HGV/bus : 70.293 kilotonnes (22.7 %)

• Motorcycles: 0.942 kilotonnes (0.3 %)

• Total : 309.77 kilotonnes (100%)