Motorcycle Parking Wishlist

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Motorcycle Action Group's Motorcycle Parking Wish-list

  • Common Pay & Display Policy across <enter area> with regard to Motorcycle Parking in Council Managed on & off street parking places
  • Follow the <enter details> Council Policy of free parking for Motorcycles in these spaces - how can a motorcyclist display a ticket without it getting stolen by another motorist? - or indeed if not a gummed ticket how can it be displayed at all?
  • Fallback position - create more dedicated Motorcycle spaces within those Council-managed car parks -where there is sufficient demand - and allow motorcycles to park within them without charge
  • More dedicated Motorcycle Parking Spaces in general
  • More secure Motorcycle Parking Spaces in general
  • Better signing of these Motorcycle Parking Locations and Payment Policy - both on the ground and on the web
  • Consultation with Planners regarding future Motorcycle Parking Provision in new developments offering parking spaces

(Planners are generally not Motorcyclists - and therefore not always best qualified to give advice and recommendations on motorcycling matters) Requesting provision of dedicated and hopefully secure spaces in these proposed developments where parking is to be offered - e.g. Supermarkets, Sports Centres etc. etc. to make sure Motorcycle Parking is included from the outset and not trying to catch up as an afterthought which we all know won't happen

  • Develop a model for those type of schemes - a minimum standard etc - to include;
  1. Location - near busy footfall as basic Crime Prevention - not pushed to some lonely dimly lit and unused corner which invites theft and vehicle interference
  2. Within CCTV coverage
  3. Well lit
  4. Security measures in place - ground anchors or rail etc., to secure a machine to
  5. Easily accessible by a motorcycle - not grazing past car park pillars and girders or too near parked cars, level and not awkward or twisty to get in and out of.