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MAG communication routes


whilst not a communication route it is important to be on the list as it is the way to share any large documents / files / posters / presentations with fellow MAG members. Access is controlled by the Chair. Anyone can ‘Share’ a link with another individual. Care needs to be taken as it is easy to delete items from Dropbox.


Instant subject to admin availability, posts can also be scheduled, not everything will be posted, we continue to learn. If in doubt send it to an admin anyway and the decision will be made. What we should definitely be sharing is MAG events/fundraisers. Send in any posters as these are put into a month related album.All posts are via admins. Admins pick up messages and will answer them or pass them to the relevant Regional Rep / forward to the NC. Admins as 06.11.2015 Dave Hammond, Dave Wigham, Oliver Rose, Paul Turner, Selina Lavender and Tracy Smith. Likes, responses, engagement vary. Likes 16,735 (06.11.2015). Central office do not have access at present as neither Carol nor Julie use Facebook. This is on the list to address as they do need to be able to view the page should they get calls regarding posts.

NC List

Instant, to all National Committee members, so Regional Reps, Directors of TMAGL, Chair, Vice Chair, Lembit Öpik, Colin Brown, National Clubs Officer, National Membership Co-ordinator, National Reps Liaison, (Julie and Carol do NOT see posts nor is there any plan to change this). All members on the list can post to the list.Access is controlled by the Chair.


Monthly. Via Network Editor copy deadline ‘generally’ 1 week prior to month end (varies due to editor availability), Editor advises via NC list final call. Editor Anne Gale (06.11.2015).

The Big List

Schedule with Julie as subject to her availability. These are all the email addresses we have in every list e.g. Activists email list, Group lists, Region lists etc (Note you can send to just one list). Posts via Julie Sperling (06.11.2015)


Bi-monthly on even months. Deadline 10th of month preceding publication. Via Editor, Ian Mutch (06.11.2015).


Schedule with Tony as subject to his availability. Currently via Tony Cox (06.11.2015)


New ( This Wiki will become our place for rich text format documents. If it is a document we need to be able to access it can live here. When a document needs to be edited, the base document can be changed and it will continue to live in the same place, this way you do not need to ask if it’s the latest version or ask someone to email it to you. You go to the site and copy the text. This Wiki is for the use of the members of the Motorcycle Action Group. Only MAG members who have been authorised to do so, are able to log in to the site in order to edit or create pages. Anyone can read them. If you would like to be a MAG Wiki Editor, then please send a mail to, including your membership number.