Air quality plan for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in UK (2017)

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Air quality plan for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in UK (2017)

The UK Governments plan for tackling NO2 [1]


This is the current central government air quality policy published by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and DfT (Department for Transport). The plan consists of an overview, detailed plan and technical report. An important statement appears in the Technical Report [2] on page 34 stating “The impact of including motorcycles and mopeds in CAZs have not been modelled. These vehicles only represent a small proportion of total NOx emissions so it is not expected that they will be included in the access restrictions for the majority of zones.”

The technical report is also the source (page 10) of the often misquoted statistic that motorcycles contribute “<1%“ of the emissions of NO2. The technical report actually shows motorcycles included in the category “Other (petrol)”. This category includes both motorcycles and petrol vans. The actual contribution from motorcycles alone is 0.3%, so less than one third of one percent.