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* [[Leuven Report]]
* [[Leuven Report]]
* [[Motorcycle Framework]]
* [[Motorcycle Framework]]
* [[DfT Motorcycle Strategy 2005]]

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Air Quality

Air quality is a major topic for local and national government. The UK Government’s air quality strategy calls for introduction of policies to improve air quality by reducing emissions form road transport. The principal tool promoted is the adoption of clean air zones. Clean Air Zones will restrict and discourage entry to certain areas by a number of means, including the charging of older more polluting vehicles. Currently London is introducing its Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in April 2019 and will expand the extent of the zone in 2021. The charging structure for ULEZ will include pre Euro3 motorcycles.

MAG position

MAG believes that improving air quality is a laudable goal and believes that promoting modal shift from single occupancy cars to powered two wheelers is a viable and legitimate part of the solution. MAG therefore contests that charging of motorcycles of any age to enter Clean Air Zones is counter-productive and illogical in terms of the stated goal of improving air quality.

Case for modal shift to PTW’s