Second TFL study 2011

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Second TRL Report on TfL Motorcycles in Bus Lanes Trial

Motorcycles in Bus Lanes - Monitoring of the Second TfL Trial (2011) [1]


The second TFL study in 2011 took great care to be comparable to the first study, using a further 10 months of data to compare with the original study’s findings. The most significant findings of this study were:

• Collision rates for motorcyclists had not changed significantly from the first trial, suggesting those findings were reliable.

• Collision rates of cyclists with motorcyclists on TLRN bus lane roads increased significantly compared to elsewhere, though numbers were small.

• Motorcycle collision rates had also increased significantly on enforcement corridor sites.

• Cyclist & pedestrian collisions had not changed significantly.

• PTW collisions predominantly involved cars and over 80% of injuries were slight.

• 40-50% of motorcyclists were exceeding speed limits, consistent with the previous trial.


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