London Borough of Ealing Report

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Ealing Report

Bus Lane Experiments: Changes to hours of operation & Motorcycles in bus lanes [1]


Ealing report recommending suspension of motorcycles in bus lane trial.

To date this is the only UK trial that has not been approved for continuation.

Following the first TFL report, Ealing took the decision not to continue their scheme on the basis of the motorcyclist collision findings, and a numerically small but statistically significant rise in cyclist casualties (173%). Despite the fact that Ealing’s report revealed no direct collisions between a motorcycle and pedal cycle, officers suggested that the most likely reason for the increase is that cyclists were riding closer to the kerb (because of motorcycles passing fast and close), making them less visible to other road users. It was felt this situation would put the borough’s challenging cycling objectives at risk. Ealing’s road safety campaign on bus lanes had not been evaluated, but it was felt it may not have been successful (and may need to be repeated and enhanced), and that there would ongoing revenue cost implications. Other London boroughs did not follow suit.


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